A child is currently being hunted by her rapist and his minions, Oconto County Child Protective Services (CPS.)

She decided that the life they were forcing her into with her rapist/father was not going to happen and she took matters into her own hands and ran.

But this child has learned to survive in ways that non-abused children between 16 and 17 years have not had to learn. She has learned that recording liars who want to put her with her rapist father is a very good way to fight back against those that mean to do her more harm. As she said while sitting in juvenile detention and what has become her motto, “Recordings don’t lie, social workers do!”

So now the hunt is on. But the baby lion has been taught to survive in the jungle. She is still a cub but her skills on catching liars are impeccable. Every visit from her inept social worker to every contact with her rapist. Still want to stick to the story you told?

Push coming to shove: this is all the fault of the liars in the incestuous county of Oconto, Wisconsin.